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Cleaning and maintenance steps of Raymond mill

Time: 2019-12-11

Due to the different manufacturers in the market, the structure, accessories and materials used in the design of the Raymond mill are different. At this time, the cleaning steps for the Raymond mill will also change with the situation. At this time, some customers will ask, what are the basic cleaning steps of the Raymond mill? Today I will give you a brief introduction, I hope to help you in the later maintenance of Raymond mill.
The structure designed by Raymond Mill is mainly composed of the main unit, the frame, the grinding ring, the grinding roller, the blade, the fuselage and other parts, and each structure plays a role in the production process of Raymond Mill. Important role, but these also need to be cleaned during the production process, which is what we call maintenance. The specific cleaning steps include:
As the Raymond mill is placed for a long time, it will cause a certain rustiness on the fuselage. From the appearance, the Raymond mill is very broken. At this time, it needs to be derusted by a certain method. For example, chemical methods, physical methods and so on.
After each Raymond mill production is completed, the mainframe of the Raymond mill must be cleaned. This is mainly to remove impurities from the previous production materials, so that the next Raymond mill can be directly put into production.
3. Grinding roller
As the Raymond mill has a certain degree of wear during the long production process, it must be replaced in time, especially if the wear is severe, and the relevant dust on it must be wiped off. .
During the production process of the Raymond mill, the material is mainly scooped and thrown by the blade and the roller during the same rotation of the roller to the roller ring, thereby forming a dunnage layer. To clean the blade of the shovel, you can use chemical methods to remove the rust, or wipe the dust directly with a dry cloth.
The above-mentioned basic cleaning steps of the Raymond mill are mainly aimed at itself. At this time, not only the service life of the Raymond mill can be extended, but also the production output is increased.

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