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Composition of superfine mill

Time: 2020-01-08

The ultra-fine powder mill equipment consists of the host, high-density powder separator, connecting pipes, centrifugal induced draft fans, square box bag dust collectors, crushers, bucket elevators, storage silos, electromagnetic vibration feeders, electrical control cabinets, etc. composition.
For the entire ultrafine mill production line, there are auxiliary equipment such as the bucket elevator, electromagnetic feeder, crusher, etc., which are used to crush the large stones that have just started to be able to enter the ultra-fine mill. The small stones of the fine mill are continuously conveyed to the storage bin through the bucket elevator, and are evenly conveyed to the main body of the ultra fine mill through the electromagnetic vibration feeder. Through these processes, it can be ensured that the ultrafine mill can be more efficient and convenient when grinding materials, and will not be affected by large materials.
We have not only researched and improved the superfine mill, but also continuously improved other milling equipment, crushing equipment and sand making equipment. At the same time, we have also produced new-type mechanical equipment such as modified equipment, which has enriched Our product series models also greatly promote various powder, mining and other industries, so that these industries can be better developed in the use of our equipment.

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