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Do you know calcium carbonate milling production line

Time: 2020-05-23

Speaking of calcium carbonate, it is very versatile. It is an important industrial raw material that can be used for papermaking and painting walls. It is also widely used in medicine, so calcium carbonate mills are very popular, but you Do you know the production line of calcium carbonate powder? What equipment does it need, do you know?

The first stage is to crush large pieces of calcium carbonate. At this time, a crusher is needed. The general choice is a jaw crusher, which can crush the large pieces of calcium carbonate into smaller particles that meet the requirements.
Secondly, these smaller particles must be sent to a mill for grinding to a finer particle size. Generally, the Raymond mill is selected here. If you have higher particle size requirements, you should choose Sanhuan. The micro-powder is ground. The particle size of the tricyclic micro-powder mill can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325-2500 mesh, while the particle size of the Raymond mill is adjusted between 30-325 mesh.
Then comes the classification. The ground stone powder should be classified. The stone powder that meets the requirements will be collected, and those that do not meet the requirements will be returned to the main cavity of the mill for grinding.
Another point is to do a good job of collecting and packaging the products that meet the requirements. If you want to learn more professional knowledge, please consult through our Shanghai Joyal website online customer service, or contact us directly, more welcome to visit our factory to study.

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