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Do you know how to improve the milling efficiency of the ball mill?

Time: 2022-07-08

First of all, ensuring safe and scientific operation principles and procedures, strengthening technical management, doing a good job in process connection, and preparing ores are the basis of all work. Pre selection and tailing refers to the principle of early throwing according to the principle of being able to throw. It is an efficient method in raw material preparation, mainly refers to the manual selection of ores and waste rocks, and for some low-quality ores

Or the ore with insufficient utilization should be selected and discarded or other treatment methods. This can not only reduce the amount of waste ore entering the mill, improve the taste and grindability of the ore entering the mill, but also reduce energy consumption and improve the grinding efficiency. This is to consider the final effect, and improve the grindability of ore by discarding a large number of waste rocks as soon as possible.

More crushing and less grinding means that in the grinding operation, the method of crushing rather than grinding is more used for grinding. The size of the grinding particles has a great impact on the grinding efficiency of the ball mill. If it is too large, it will not only affect the maximum efficiency of the mill, but also affect the energy consumption. The purpose of reducing energy consumption and improving the grinding efficiency of the ball mill is achieved by controlling the size of the grinding ore. Through mechanical energy to extrude the ore, selective crushing can be achieved. The energy efficiency of crushing operation is much higher than that of grinding operation. The advantages of crushing operation can be brought into full play through more crushing and less grinding to improve the grinding efficiency. For example, a high-pressure roller mill can be used to finely crush the ore before entering the mill, which can not only effectively finely crush the ore, but also change the internal crystal structure of the ore and reduce the hardness of the ore.

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