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Functions of Vertical Mill

Time: 2019-11-27

As the vertical mill technology has become more mature in recent years, its powerful performance advantages have gradually become apparent, and it has been widely used in the milling of materials in the cement, power, metallurgy, chemical, and ore industries. Below we analyze the powerful functions of the vertical mill in all directions.
Functions of Vertical Mill:
1. Good comprehensive performance The vertical mill is not just a mill, it also has the functions of crushing, drying, grinding, and grading, which greatly reduces the investment of related equipment and reduces the production cost. It also saves a lot of floor space, with the characteristics of simple system and compact layout. It is also equipped with a PLC / DCS automatic control system, which can realize remote control, and is very convenient to operate and maintain.
2. Fine grinding performance is good. For materials that need fine grinding and ultra fine grinding, almost all can be ground with a vertical mill to achieve the required particle size. For ore with fine grain size, there is no doubt that fine grinding or even super fine grinding is needed. The vertical mill can also meet the requirements of finer materials. The vertical mill can be applied in the fields of liquid crystal, mining, inspection, chemical industry, materials industry, medicine, cosmetics and so on.
3. Strong drying capacity. The vertical mill uses gas to transport materials. It can control the temperature of the inlet air when grinding the materials with higher moisture content, so that the product reaches the final moisture. 15% of the material, even if it is a drying ball mill, it can only dry materials with a moisture content of 3-4%.
4. The shaping effect is good. The use of some materials does not require fine grinding, but requires a certain shape. The vertical mill can realize this shaping function, so that irregular quartz sand, silicon carbide, zinc oxide, diamond, etc. become approximately spherical, and the shape of sillimanite is needle-like.

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