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High pressure mill

Time: 2019-11-14

The high-pressure Raymond mill, also known as the high-pressure suspension roller mill, was developed based on the user’s demand for ultra-fine pulverization. Using the pressure of the spring, the pressure between the roller and the material is greater, resulting in a finer particle size. The structure of the grinding machine is similar to that of the ordinary Raymond mill, but it can process smaller particle sizes, with a discharge size of 80-424 mesh and the finest size up to 1000 mesh. The grinding equipment is a powerful assistant for the ultra-fine crushing industry.
The high-pressure mill processes a wide range of materials, except Mohs hardness is above 6 and inflammable and explosive materials are not suitable for processing. Other materials such as kaolin, limestone, calcite, talc, barite, gypsum, oxidation Iron red, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, pigment, bentonite, clay, etc. are more suitable for processing.
JOYAL has many years of experience in high-pressure Raymond grinding. The equipment of stone powder machine has been continuously improved and perfected. The price of the grinding machine is reasonable. The high-pressure Raymond mill produced by us has more accurate assembly, longer service life and more comprehensive after-sales service. If you have high-voltage Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill, Raymond mill, etc., I suggest you contact us, quality service is waiting for you.

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