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How much is the stone grinding equipment?

Time: 2020-04-22

There are many types of stone mill equipment. Common stone mills include Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill, and vertical mill. It is widely used in the processing of fine powders of a variety of medium-hardness materials, such as calcite, limestone, dolomite calcium carbonate, etc. When users buy a stone mill, the price of the product is the quality of the product. Many factors are related, so if you want to know the price of a stone mill, you need to ask the relevant manufacturers. Next, Shanghai Joyal will tell you about it.

1. Raymond Mill
It is an earlier flour mill with a daily output of 8-175 tons and a fineness of 80-325 mesh. It can grind more than two hundred materials. The system consumes little energy and occupies a small area. , High screening rate, cheap price and reliable operation.
2. HGM Superfine Mill
It is a new type of high-yield and environmentally friendly mill, with an output of 1.3-40t / h and a finished particle size of 80-800 mesh. The device has good sealing, no dust pollution, and good energy saving and noise reduction The wearing parts such as grinding rollers and bearings are made of high wear-resistant alloy, which has a long service life and saves costs.
3. Vertical mill
Combined with years of experience in the production of mills, the output is 0.5-45t / h, and the particle size of the finished product is adjusted between 200-3000 mesh. This equipment integrates grinding, grading, conveying, secondary powder selection, and product packaging. Grinding equipment.
2. How much is the stone mill equipment?
The above also introduces a variety of stone mills. Due to the product characteristics of each equipment model, the fineness and output of the mill are different. The finer the mill, the higher the output, and the higher the price of the equipment. The price of stone grinders ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The specific price of stone grinders still needs to know your basic information and configure the equipment for you before you can quote.

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