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How to improve the drying efficiency of the dryer

Time: 2017-06-12

With the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more mineral resources need to develop and use, processing plants on the ore processing equipment requirements are getting higher and higher, the dryer as the most commonly used in the processing of ore drying equipment, in the industrial field The application of a wide range of applications, but many processing plants that the dryer in the operation process is very low efficiency, seriously affecting the normal processing and production, then the next by the Joyal machinery experts to explain how to improve the dryer drying effectiveness.

1, the combustion chamber is good or bad is the most important factor affecting the drying efficiency of the dryer, so the user needs the combustion chamber, blower special attention, before the start of all ancillary equipment to conduct a rigorous inspection of the temperature reasonable Regulation, the temperature is generally not more than 50 ℃, to ensure that the operation of gears, cylinders, rotating systems and other devices of normal operation.

2, to improve the drying hot air flow rate and inlet temperature, thereby improving the heat exchange efficiency, timely replacement of dry media to reduce waste heat loss, improve the equipment outside the diffusion capacity, thereby improving the efficiency of the dryer.

3, the use of the cylinder length is relatively long dryer, because such equipment heat exchange time is longer, more efficient, you can also increase the plate device, the internal structure of the cylinder to optimize and improve the material and hot air Contact area. Because the greater the contact area, the better the drying effect.

4, to reduce the size of the material into the material, under normal circumstances, the smaller the feed size, the more conducive to the material and hot air contact area increases, the more conducive to the improvement of drying efficiency. According to the study found that the feed particle size remained below 20mm for the best.

5, as far as possible the use of downstream drying process. The downstream flow not only has a higher quality, but also a higher drying efficiency, and its discharge temperature is lower than the exhaust gas temperature, which can effectively prevent the material temperature from being too high to cause the activity to decrease.

6, configure the adjustable speed motor device. Many dryer equipment is inefficient because it can not control the speed, so the configuration of the corresponding adjustable speed motor, the speed can be a reasonable control of the material in the barrel of the drying time to control, not only to ensure that dry materials Of the quality, while greatly improving the drying efficiency.

From the above analysis we can see that the dryer drying efficiency and its own parts configuration and performance of a direct relationship, it is recommended that the majority of processing plants in the purchase of dryer equipment must be careful, in the strong, large-scale regular manufacturers

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