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How to improve the efficiency of ball mill production

Time: 2019-07-18

How to improve the efficiency of ball mill production

1. The particle size of the ball mill must be uniform. If the material is too fine, the ball mill will not be able to reach the friction between the material and the material during the grinding process. Too thick will cause the steel ball to break the material for a long time, and will also increase the wear of the steel ball and the liner, and increase the maintenance cost of the mill.
2, ball mill feeding must be uniform, too little feeding will lead to no ball layer inside the ball mill and the steel ball impact steel ball, steel ball friction steel ball, but also cause waste of power resources. If too much feeding will cause the ball mill to rise, the rising belly will reduce the efficiency of the steel ball inside the ball mill, and the qualified materials can not be discharged, reducing the output. Therefore, it should be uniformly fed during the feeding process.
3, the ball mill speed control, the mill speed will produce three kinds of steel ball movement mode: First, the centrifugal movement, when the cylinder speed increases to a certain limit value, that is, when the critical speed is reached or exceeded, all the media are with the cylinder The body rotates without falling, which is called the centrifugal state of the medium. In the state of centrifugation, no grinding is generally produced. The second is the throwing state. The ball mill produces a throwing motion state when it is running at a higher speed. At this time, the grinding process is mainly based on impact crushing, and the grinding is second. Ball mills generally work in this state of motion. The third is the sloping state. The ball mill produces a sloping motion state at low speed. The material is mainly crushed by the crushing and grinding action when the medium slides against each other.

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