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How to improve the efficiency of the ball mill

Time: 2018-06-05

China’s mine resources are extremely rich. Along with the development of China’s economy, especially the development of industries such as industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry and construction industry, the development and development of mine resources have been driven. There are many machines and equipment for mine processing. Today, Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the mechanical equipment used for ore grinding and grinding. Joyal and everyone talk about the ball mill. What if the ball mill has problems with the machine performance during use?

In the process of grinding ore, the ball mill is bounded by the capacity of the bulkhead board. When the mill diameter is larger, the problem is more serious; when the ball mill speed is low, the single steel ball unit time The number of work becomes smaller, so the density is not enough, then the milling efficiency is reduced; if the ball filling amount of the ball mill is not enough, then in the grinding operation, the rolling bearing of the ball mill can not exert the maximum bearing capacity, so it can not As a result of energy saving, it will lead to lower production efficiency.

Joyal recommends that you use a large-scale ball mill as much as possible, and then reduce the particle size of the incoming material to the appropriate size of the machine. Only in the range of the inlet of the ball mill can you improve the efficiency of the ball mill. In addition, this can reduce the occurrence of clogging of the machine during grinding of the ore, and can also improve the production efficiency of the ball mill.

For the grinding operation of ore, it is better to use new ball mill equipment with good energy-saving effect. On the problem of feeding the ball mill, we must first use large-scale crusher equipment, and then try to crush the main raw materials as much as possible. The fineness of the mill’s incoming mill material. Before the ball mill grinds the ore, the user needs to check the condition of the ball mill’s machinery and equipment.

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