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How to improve the efficiency of the mill

Time: 2019-12-04

For the manufacturer, the size of the grinding pressure must be adjusted before the start-up operation. Different adjustments are made according to different materials, and different specifications have different corresponding methods.
If the grinding pressure is not adjusted properly, the quality of the finished product produced by the grinding equipment will not reach the target, the grinding efficiency will be slow, and the power of the mill will be increased. Therefore, we must use ultra-fine grinding before It is necessary to make appropriate adjustments to its grinding pressure to ensure our production is smooth.
Superfine grinding uses a bed to apply pressure to the material to achieve the crushing effect. Therefore, if the pressure becomes larger, the crushing effect will be better and the output will increase accordingly. But when it reaches a certain critical value, it will not change anymore, because the pressure will increase and the power will increase. This will increase the production cost and make more money, so we must adjust the relative grinding pressure according to the specifications of the material. .
If you are not sure how much the pressure is, you can use some materials for debugging and processing in advance to find the appropriate grinding pressure and reasonable wind speed (these need to be adjusted according to the material’s nature, particle size, and feeding amount). The material layer is stable, and the grinding efficiency is naturally improved.

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