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How to reduce the energy consumption of rotary kiln

Time: 2017-08-14

Rotary kiln is a large-scale ore calcination equipment, can be used for calcining petroleum coke, metal magnesium, siderite, coal gangue, limestone and other minerals, need to rely on a large number of coal to complete the work of calcination, in the course of running a lot of consumption Energy, then how to reduce the kiln energy consumption? Joyal machinery for your Weapon.

1, the transformation of rotary kiln structure, configuration automation control system

The traditional rotary kiln control system uses conventional instruments, the control level is relatively backward, inevitably there will be energy waste, and the feed is not particularly stable, will result in waste of resources, so the need for rotary kiln to optimize the internal structure of the improvement, Intelligent control system, the system can be the amount of raw materials into the kiln and fuel flow to automatically adjust the feed more stable and uniform, for the normal production operation provides a strong condition, energy saving effect is very obvious.

2, to reduce the loss of heat during the clinker cooling process

The material after calcination of the rotary kiln is cooled by the use of a cooling machine. In this process, it is easy to cause the loss of heat energy. Therefore, it is recommended to use the single cylinder cooler and the kiln head to configure the corresponding sealing device to prevent the cold air short circuit.

3, reduce the rotor kiln heat loss

Rotary kiln is mainly through the carcass to dissipate heat, and its heat consumption accounts for about 15% of clinker heat. To reduce the carcass cooling, the need to build refractory bricks in the kiln to achieve the purpose of reducing the cylinder surface temperature, can also be coated with a layer of firecrackers on the surface of the carcass, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing radiation.

4, to strengthen the training of staff

If the operation of the operator is not proficient, it will cause a lot of unnecessary energy loss during the operation of the rotary kiln. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out technical training on the operation and monitoring personnel of the rotary kiln, and to ensure that the operator has been fully skilled in the operation process Under the work of the post, so as to more effectively reduce the loss of kiln dust away, the heat away from the exhaust and the heat loss of evaporation of water and so on.

As the production environment and production conditions of each processing plant is different, so reduce the energy consumption of rotary kiln to specific problems specific analysis, in order to learn more to reduce the energy consumption of rotary kiln an effective way, also need to consult the relevant experts.

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