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How to solve the blockage problem of Raymond mill air duct

Time: 2019-03-27

Raymond mill is a mechanical equipment used for grinding and grinding of ore. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is a manufacturer of ore grinding processing machinery and equipment. It is necessary to remind the users that Raymond Mill is used in specific production and use. Occasionally, there will be blockage in the windmill disc. This is to stop the material in time to clear the material and check the cause of the blockage of the air duct. After thorough maintenance, the material grinding can continue. Joyal and everyone talk about the reasons and solutions for the blockage problem of the Raymond mill air duct.

Insufficient air volume caused by insufficient fan power, so that the material can not flow normally in the air duct will also cause material accumulation. The material is transported along the circulating air duct under the action of the fan. Therefore, the normal operation of the blower should be maintained. The wind of the blower should not be too small to transmit the material. The rated power and working voltage of the Raymond mill should be maintained during the overhaul. In order to maintain stable and long-lasting normal production work.

The uneven feeding of Raymond mill is the main factor causing the blockage of the air duct. If too much material is too small, the Raymond mill will not be fully ground. The finished powder can not be discharged in the circulation duct under the action of the blower in time, and the blower is added. The working load causes the powdery material to accumulate in the air duct, eventually causing blockage of the air duct. Therefore, the user needs to ensure continuous feeding even when feeding the Raymond mill, and avoid the phenomenon that the air passage plate is blocked.

The failure of the Raymond mill bag dust collector to operate normally also causes the blockage of the Raymond mill air duct. The bag filter is mainly used to recover the increased air volume in the circulating air flow, and at the same time remove the dust particles in the wind flow, and the exhaust gas volume is purified and discharged. In addition, when the bag filter is unable to perform the dust removal operation normally, a large amount of dust particles are easily accumulated in the air passage, which causes blockage of the Raymond mill circulation duct. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the machine in time to check whether the bag filter of the Raymond mill is breathable, and often take a dust bag, do not let the material block the bag, and ensure that the bag is breathable.

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