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Limestone mills are widely used

Time: 2020-01-02

Limestone is a common non-metallic mineral. China is rich in limestone mineral resources, accounting for more than 64% of the world’s total reserves, and is an advantageous natural resource. At present, more developed countries such as Japan and the United States have made great achievements in limestone utilization and deep processing, with 400 to 500 patents. With the entry of foreign high-grade calcium carbonate materials and fillers into the Chinese market, it has promoted domestic technological progress, accelerated the rapid growth of China’s calcium carbonate deep-processing varieties, and rapidly developed in the direction of diversification, specialization, and refinement, expanding more uses. .
The limestone milling machine series of JOYAL mining machine has a good reputation in the milling machine industry. The milling machine equipment sells well throughout the country and is exported to Eastern Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries. Why is there so many applications of limestone mills? It is because limestone has a wide range of applications and good market prospects. Limestone is widely distributed in China, which has no local resource advantage at all, and there are many uses after crushing limestone: it can be used to produce casting sand for machinery manufacturing ; Can be used in industrial building materials coatings and other industries; can produce desulfurization absorbent; also used as fillers in production processes such as plastics, coatings.
JOYAL miners have always insisted that only the mills you are satisfied with can be sold, so we must do our best to reduce the equipment failure rate to a low level, and constantly update new technologies to allow customers to experience the high efficiency of the milling equipment. .

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