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Micro grinding mill maintenance manual

Time: 2018-08-24

Micro powder grinding machine is a kind of ore grinding processing machinery which is very common in ore milling processing. Micro-powder grinding machine can be used for grinding and pulverizing conventional materials, such as kaolin, limestone, calcite, talc, marble carbon black, Ultra-fine powder processing of non-flammable and explosive materials with a humidity of less than 8% such as coal and activated carbon and a Mohs hardness of less than or equal to 6. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional ore grinding and processing machinery manufacturer. Here we talk about the maintenance of the micro-grinding mill.

Everyone knows that the processing machinery and equipment such as ore mills need regular maintenance, so as to prolong the production time of ore processing machinery such as ore mill, how to maintain the micro-grinding mill? Joyal summed up a few points here, I hope everyone can pay attention to the maintenance of the micro-grinding mill.

Users need to clean the micro-grinding mill regularly. Users need to clean the inside and outside of the mill accessories, the body, grinding ring, grinding roller, motor, belt, gear connection, etc., all the places that can be cleaned. It should be cleaned up. The purpose of this is to find out whether there are any loopholes and clean up the equipment; during the cleaning process of the mill, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the bolts of each joint are complete, loose or loose, loose and loose, and lost.

The operator needs to list the faults of the micro-powder mill equipment into a table, which is easy to difficult, and is eliminated one by one. The same fault cannot be repeated, especially the safety fault should be eliminated; Maintenance of the whole machine, butter the lubrication point, replace the lubricating oil, gear oil, etc. according to the requirements of the manual; after the maintenance of the micro-grinding and grinding machine, place the mechanical equipment on a flat and solid site, conditional Can be parked in a dedicated hangar.

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