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Operating procedures for high pressure mills

Time: 2019-08-21

Operating procedures for high pressure mill
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the maintenance door and window are tightly closed; whether there is any debris in the machine cavity; the water pump and the water return;
2. When starting up, it should be carried out in the normal starting sequence. During operation, it is necessary to regularly check the various components of the equipment;
Third, start the high-pressure grinding analyzer and adjust its motor speed so that the spindle speed can meet the requirements of the required fineness of the finished product;
4. Start the vibrating feeder after starting the high-pressure grinding machine and adjust the feeding amount;
5. It is forbidden to touch the motor and mechanical rotating parts and wiring parts by hand or other items when the machine is in normal operation.
6. Stop the feeding when stopping, and then shut down in order according to the order when the host current drops to 30A.

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