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What equipment is required for the grinding production line to produce 100 mesh limestone powder?

Time: 2022-08-12

The composition of lime powder is calcium carbonate, which can be used for both industrial use and food addition. Limestone powder has a wide range of uses and good economic benefits, and many people are investing in the grinding business.
The process of limestone grinding can be divided into four parts – crushing, grinding, sorting and packaging.
Crushing: The purpose of crushing is to crush large pieces of limestone into suitable grinding particle size. The size of the mined limestone can be several meters, but in order to meet the feeding requirements of different mills, it is usually broken to several tens of millimeters. . The texture of limestone is relatively brittle, and when crushing, you can choose to be broken in sections or in one section.
Segmentation crushing, that is, crushing large pieces of limestone in stages, first use a jaw crusher for coarse crushing, crush the large stones into small stones, and then use an impact crusher to crush the small stones into smaller particles particles.
Milling: The purpose of milling is to produce products. According to the different requirements of product fineness, choose the appropriate type of mill. To produce 100 mesh limestone powder, you can choose Raymond mill, ultrafine mill or ball mill.
Powder selection: The purpose of powder selection is to sort out the qualified lime powder, collect the powder with too coarse particle size again, and return it to the mill for grinding again. Among the lime mills, some have their own powder selection system, which can directly collect stone powder of suitable particle size, but some mills do not have this function, and additional powder selection equipment is required. The frequently used powder separator is the powder separator, which uses wind to separate stone powder of different fineness to improve product quality.

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