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Superfine mill maintenance standard

Time: 2019-08-29

The ultra-fine grinding machine is mainly composed of a main body, a separator, a blower and the like. It plays an important role in the field of micronized grinding. The working principle is that the opened materials are pulverized by the jaw crusher, and then the main machine is ground, and finally the separator will reach the fineness of the material output. The equipment maintenance is not very complicated, as long as the operating procedures are followed, always check the wear level of the wearing parts and the lubrication of the parts.
After using the ultra-fine grinding machine for a period of time, it should be inspected and repaired and replaced the wearing parts such as grinding rolls, grinding rings and blades. The bolts and nuts in the parts should also be carefully checked for looseness and the grease should be replaced in time. . The rolling bearings in the sleeve must be cleaned frequently and the damaged parts should be replaced. Keep the equipment in a dry, well-ventilated place

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