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The importance of lubricating oil to milling equipment

Time: 2019-06-20

No matter which kind of mechanical equipment, its lubrication work is indispensable, so is the grinding equipment. If you want it to be durable and work efficiently, you must do the lubrication work, and the quality of the oil is especially important. How to add? How much should I add? These are strictly regulated. Lubricating oil plays a major role in the production of equipment: separating the contact surface of the equipment, reducing friction; heat dissipation; preventing corrosion of the equipment. So how do we change it correctly?
1. If the equipment is hot outside or generates high temperature during operation, it is necessary to use lubricating oil with oxidation resistance and thermal stability to avoid its loss of function;
2. Lubricating oil also has anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-emulsification properties, so as to avoid changes in dust performance when it is working;
3, the addition of lubricating oil can not be too much, one-time increase will occur oil leakage phenomenon, too little can not get a good protection, so it must be added according to the specified amount;
4. Lubricating oil also needs to be resistant to fire, avoiding the occurrence of fire when burning some inflammable and explosive materials;
5, the lubrication parts must be cleaned, and at the same time sealed to avoid impurities into the damaged parts.
The lubrication work of the grinding equipment requires long-term inspection and maintenance. Users can refer to the instruction manual or contact Shanghai Zhuoya. We will have professional technicians to answer your questions. You are welcome to contact us.

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