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There are several types of ball mill feeders

Time: 2019-08-01

There are several types of ball mill feeders

1. Sliding pipe feed The material enters the conical sleeve inside the hollow journal of the ball mill through the slip tube, and slides into the mill itself along the rotating cylinder wall.
2. The drum feeder has a spiral conveying machine inside the cylinder. When the ore feeder rotates with the ball mill, the ore is sent into the ball mill along the spiral line, and is only used for the feeding position higher than the ball mill. The process position of the axis is suitable for dry materials, so it is used more when the ball mill is open grinding.
3. Screw feeder It is a spiral spoon with a replaceable spoon at the end of the screw. The screw feeder works the same as the drum feeder, but the structure is different. The spiral feeder is suitable for wet feeding, and is commonly used in closed milling grinding of ball mills and classifiers.
4. Combined feeder It consists of a drum and a spiral feeder. That is, dry ore can be fed, and wet materials can be fed. The coarse feed can be lifted directly from the spiral partition through the hole of the cover and sent to the hollow journal, and the return sand in the trough is picked up by the spoon and the hook and then sent into the hollow through the spiral partition of the cylinder. Journal. This method not only increases the throughput of the feeder, but also the coarse material does not need to be picked up by the spoon, thereby reducing the wear of the spoon. Relatively speaking, the joint feeder application is more extensive.

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