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Tips for buying a ball mill

Time: 2019-08-08

The ball mill is the key equipment for the material to be crushed and then pulverized. It is suitable for grinding various ores and other materials, dry or wet grinding of ore and other grindable materials, so it is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industry. And other industries. For ball mills of different specifications and models, there are different specifications for use. Therefore, pay attention to the selection of the ball mill when purchasing the ball mill.
First, according to the hardness of the mineral, choose the type of suitable ball mill
Second, in line with the green environmental protection called by the state, try to choose energy-saving ball mill
Third, the ball mill purchased must guarantee the quality and output of the milled minerals.
Fourth, choose a ball mill suitable for your own mining scale, requires grinding test
Fifth, choose a new type of ball mill, the cylinder speed is different from the gear number.
Sixth, choose a regular ball mill manufacturer, on the one hand quality is guaranteed, on the other hand, after-sales service is perfect

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