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What equipment are needed to turn basalt into stone?

Time: 2022-09-16

Basalt is a common stone used in stone crushing plants. It is hard and has high compressive strength, and can be widely used in various fields. The mineral composition of basalt is mainly composed of basic feldspar and pyroxene, and the secondary minerals are olivine, amphibole and biotite. The rocks are dark, generally black, sometimes grayish green and deep purple. Its structure is uneven, and stomatal structure and almond structure are common.

According to the physical characteristics of basalt, jaw crusher and cone crusher can be used to process basalt. These devices have their own characteristics, as follows:

Jaw crusher: Jaw crusher is an indispensable coarse crushing equipment in the sand and gravel industry. It can coarse crush materials of various hardness and size. It has the advantages of large output, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency and simple structure. The effect of broken basalt is good.

Cone crusher: cone crusher is a medium crushing equipment, which can crush basalt within 6500mm. It belongs to extrusion crusher, so it is commonly used to crush hard stone. The wear of the equipment is relatively small, the wearing parts are relatively wear-resistant, and the later maintenance cost of the crushed basalt is low. There are many types of cone crusher, which can be selected according to your own situation.

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