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What equipment is needed for large limestone powder production?

Time: 2020-04-09

Limestone powder production line, a production process mainly used in limestone powder. Because of the high grinding efficiency and high performance sieving rate of finished powder, it is widely used in the limestone grinding process, so what equipment is required for the production of large limestone powder? The following is a brief explanation for everyone, as follows:
1. Equipment required for large limestone powder production
The limestone in nature is large and cannot be directly entered into the mill, and the milling industry generally follows the “more broken and less milled” standard. If the particle size is larger, direct milling is very inefficient and not cost-effective. After coarse crushing and fine crushing, grinding is performed. The whole limestone crushing process can be roughly divided into 4 steps, which are crushing, milling, powder machine and powder collection. The equipment used in the entire production line are:
1. Vibrating feeder: It is the basis to ensure continuous and uniform feeding, and also the basis for subsequent equipment to operate normally and efficiently.
2. Jaw crusher: It is a commonly used equipment for coarse crushing. It has large feed, high output, large crushing ratio, deep crushing cavity and no dead zone, and stable operation.
3. Impact crusher: Impact crusher is a high-efficiency equipment for the medium crushing of limestone. The granularity of the output can be adjusted, the system consumes little energy, and the finished product has a good particle size.
4. Bucket elevator: The finely crushed limestone is sent to the Raymond mill, which has strong lifting capacity, low energy consumption of the motor and long service life.

5. Raymond mill: It is the main equipment of the production line and also the equipment that determines the quality of the powder product. Raymond mill produced by Shanghai Joyal has strong wear resistance, low equipment loss, high screening rate, and finished product particle size. Delicate, with a screening rate of over 99%, the equipment is not prone to failure, and the production process is stable and reliable.
Second, it is important to choose the manufacturer of the limestone milling production line
Before investing in the limestone milling production line, you must first understand the output, particle size and use of the finished product, and select the model of each link according to these conditions. The selection of each model is related to the efficiency of the entire production line, so , Must have professionals analyze the situation for you, choose the appropriate equipment.
Shanghai Joyal, as a professional large-scale milling equipment production and direct sales factory, has rich production experience and provides many users with a suitable limestone milling production line configuration. The actual production needs of different users are tailor-made for you to create a cost-effective limestone milling production line solution! You are welcome to consult online at any time, to visit the factory for free, test machine.

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