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What kind of grinding machine is used for mica processing?

Time: 2019-10-23

Whether it is the fine cosmetics industry, the high-end paint industry, or the plastics industry, you can see the figure of mica powder. Although the price of mica powder is high, it is widely used in various industries, and its broad development. The prospects are also a lot of people’s heart, so what equipment is needed to process mica powder? The following Shanghai Zhuoya Mining Machinery will talk about how the Raymond Mill is processing mica powder.

Most of the mica powder processing on the market uses the Raymond mill, because the technology and grinding methods of this equipment are consistent with the properties of mica. The R-type Raymond produced by Shanghai Zhuoya Mining Machinery The grinding mill is fast and high-yield. It adopts centralized control system. It can basically realize unmanned operation during grinding. It is very automatic. The important parts are made of high-quality castings and profiles. The process is very fine, and the production is guaranteed. It also guarantees the durability of the entire equipment. After further improvement and innovation, the new Raymond mill has more and more applicable materials, so the Raymond mill can fully adapt to the processing and production of mica powder.

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