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What to do if the ball mill suddenly does not work?

Time: 2019-06-12

In the operation of the ball mill, there are often many problems encountered. There are many places to pay attention to. Below the Shanghai Joyal Machinery Company, we will pick out some simple and easy-to-repair problems for the customers to explain. In the use of the device, suddenly does not turn, what is going on? Don’t panic when you encounter this situation, first find out the cause, and then find out the corresponding solution. There are two reasons for this situation: one is to put too much or too fast when feeding, and before the digestion is finished, the new material is filled too much or too fast, when the equipment can not handle At the same time, the air duct will be blocked, causing the equipment to suddenly not rotate. At this time, we need to clean the equipment and clean the equipment after the power is cut off. Second, when the exhaust is not good when the equipment is working, the temperature of the pipe wall will rise due to friction, which will easily cause the material to be stuck on the pipe wall and form a blockage, thus causing the equipment to not operate. We only need the debris on the pipe wall. Clean it up.
All equipment must be disconnected before being repaired or cleaned. Never use it again to avoid accidents.

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