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Where can I sell a superfine calcium carbonate mill?

Time: 2020-04-28

What kind of mill can be used to grind fine powder? For different powder projects, Shanghai Joyal will provide different models of ultra-fine mills to meet the needs of different customers. Calcium carbonate ultrafine mill is a mill produced by Shanghai Joyal for calcium carbonate. The milling fineness can be adjusted between 200-3000 mesh. Shanghai Joyal will tailor the selection of ultrafine mill according to customer needs. The configuration scheme provides scientific and reasonable prices for ultrafine mills.

1. Ultrafine grinding machine for grinding calcium carbonate
If you need to grind fine powder projects such as calcium carbonate, limestone, barite, marble, dolomite, talc, etc., you can choose the ultrafine mill, ultrafine vertical mill and other equipment. Among them, the ultra-fine powder mill can adjust the powder between 200-3000 mesh, with comprehensive mechanical crushing performance such as rolling, grinding, impact, etc., and is equipped with a forced turbine classification system, which not only achieves high-efficiency production, Moreover, the classification accuracy is more uniform and fine, the shape of the finished particles is full, and the market competitiveness is strong. It is an ideal mill for grinding fine powder.
Shanghai Joyal is a manufacturer of milling equipment, and regards quality and service as its business philosophy. It has always followed and implemented. Shanghai Joyal’s ultrafine milling equipment is economical and practical ultrafine powder processing equipment, HGM ultrafine ring roller The pulverizer is a large-scale superfine ring roller mill, which is well received and loved by customers.
HGM Series Superfine Ring Roller Mill
[Scope of application]: Widely used in the production and life fields of power, metallurgy, cement, chemical industry, building materials, coatings, papermaking, rubber, medicine, food, etc.
[Applicable materials]: For various non-metallic mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6%, it has high output grinding capacity, such as talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, potassium feldspar, bentonite , Kaolin, graphite, carbon, fluorite, brucite, etc. have good grinding effect.
[Performance advantage]: This mill is an energy-saving and consumption-reducing equipment for fine powder processing. It occupies a small area, has a strong complete set, has a wide range of uses, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, and high cost performance. .
2. How to sell ultrafine calcium carbonate milling machine?
For the price of equipment, it is necessary to customize a reasonable plan according to the needs of the project, and formulate the ideal mill price according to the selection plan. Customers who grind calcium carbonate powder are welcome to give detailed grinding fineness, production capacity, equipment installation area and environment, material characteristics and other needs, and obtain detailed milling machine prices in time.

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