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Why do you choose cone crusher instead of hammer crushing for broken granite?

Time: 2022-07-29

Granite is a common rock. Due to its high hardness, it is generally difficult for crushers to break. Even if it can be broken, it will cause greater wear. Therefore, when choosing a granite crusher, you must choose the right one to avoid high Amount of repair and maintenance costs. It is also a classic equipment. Why do you choose cone crushers instead of hammer crushing for crushing granite? The reasons are as follows:
1. Applicable stage
The cone crusher is suitable for the medium and fine crushing stage, and is often used in the second and third crushing links of the production line. Hammer crushers can be used for coarse crushing and sometimes fine crushing.
I once received a message from a user saying that I just want to use the hammer to break and simply break it. Indeed, the hammer can be formed at one time without secondary crushing, but it is more common in small and medium-sized production lines, and the requirements for the finished particle shape are not high.
2. Processing materials
Cone crusher is suitable for processing high hardness stone, such as iron ore, basalt, granite, cobblestone, etc. It is an ideal equipment for crushing hard ores.
Hammer crushing is suitable for processing medium and soft ores, such as limestone, coal gangue, dolomite, shale, etc. It cannot handle materials with high hardness, otherwise the hammer head wears quickly, and the frequency is better (a friend said that he used a hammer If the granite is broken, the hammer head needs to be replaced in 2 or 3 days, and the hammer head alone will cost thousands).
3. Feed particle size
From the applicable stage of cone crusher and hammer crusher, it can be seen that cone crusher will have stricter requirements on the feeding particle size. Generally speaking, the feeding particle size is about 300mm. The hammer crusher can be used for coarse crushing, and its feeding particle size can reach 1200mm.
4. Input cost
From the perspective of equipment price, the investment of hammer crusher is lower than that of cone crusher. Although the purchase cost in the early stage is not high, the replacement of wearing parts such as hammer head in the later stage is also not a small cost, especially for crushing medium and hard materials. Relatively speaking, the wear parts of the cone crusher have a longer service life and less investment in the later period.
Therefore, in general, it is recommended that customers choose cone crushers to process high-hardness stones such as granite!

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