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Will you solve the problem when the cement ball mill is in use?

Time: 2020-05-28

The cement ball mill occupies a dominant position in the entire cement production line. Therefore, if the cement ball mill fails, the entire production line will be paralyzed. If you want to build a cement ball mill production line, you must have professional maintenance personnel who understand the ball mill, so that you can guarantee When the machine fails, the problem can be solved immediately. So, do you know what sudden failures will occur when the cement ball mill is used? Do you know how to solve it? Let Shanghai Joyal talk to you.

Did your cement ball mill break down the stator belt during use? Do you know why this happens? This is because the ball mill is operated for a long time, and the iron-containing dust in the air is often adsorbed on the coil, resulting in a short circuit on the surface of the coil. The short circuit will damage the insulation of the coil and cause a fire. This will cause the ball mill to not work. At this time, the power should be cut off immediately and the operation should be stopped. The fault can be related to the lack of cylinders in the car, and a solution can be found.
Why does the sliding shaft of the ball mill have abrasion phenomenon? When the ball mill runs for a long time, the long-term friction will cause the ball body of the ball mill and the tile lining to be difficult to combine, and the phenomenon of abrasion will occur. This is usually because the clinker temperature of the hollow shaft is too high, and the temperature of the outer surface of the hollow shaft is also high, resulting in the dilution of the lubricating oil and the lack of viscosity. Appearance. If there is no spare spherical tile, you can only stop and check, repair the tile surface and continue to use it.

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