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High pressure mill good prospects

Time: 2016-05-17

In recent years China has been committed to the development and utilization of new energy, but China is now still the traditional energy-based energy landscape. Three traditional energy sources, China’s oil and gas resources are relatively scarce, extremely rich in coal reserves, coal is China’s current primary energy resources. In the development and utilization of coal resources in the process, the strong demand for large-scale mill. Moreover, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mining and other areas mill may also be used, huge potential market demand.
Shanghai Joyal think the current domestic mill use in the industry is the largest vertical milling machine, milling machine can achieve such precision grinding, large production capacity, to become the preferred business needs. However, high pressure mill for its energy-saving, environmentally friendly features, the future is bound to become a mainstream product mills, market prospects.
High pressure mill mainly high pressure suspension mill and two kinds of high-pressure powder mill. Among them, high pressure hanging roller mill in the traditional mill based on the improvement and increase in the high pressure spring to ensure the normal operation of equipment, raising the fineness of grind, but also improve the grinding efficiency, and high pressure hanging roller mill electromechanical low consumption, small footprint, less time investment, more and more customers. Powder Mill high pressure appears to solve the problem of jet mill cost highlands, and the ratio of the jet mill using a wider range. Under the same conditions, high pressure micro powder mill airflow mill system energy consumption is only 1/3 of the price is only 1/8 of the jet mill ,. High pressure powder mill energy-saving, low investment and high return more and more customers welcome.

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