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How to Choose Suitable Liner for Ball Mill

Time: 2016-10-17

Liner is a more serious wear and tear in the ball mill is an important component, the loss of large, affecting the consumption of ball mill liner up to a dozen technical factors, or even more, but basically understand several. Shanghai Joyal that how to choose the right liner for the ball mill is to ensure that the ball mill liner an important step in the life.

Throughout China’s metallurgical plant concentrator wet grinding coarse grinding machine is almost 100% of the metal liner, which is mainly high manganese steel liner. In addition to metal lining, the rubber liner, polyurethane (PVC) liner, different materials, composite magnetic liner came into being.

Cement industry and metallurgical ore ball mill operation is somewhat different. First, the former ball mill speed is low, mostly for the critical speed of 75% to 80%. Second, the cement industry slender ball mill, which is short and thick. Finally, the maximum head diameter of the cement industry is much smaller than the maximum diameter of the latter. Therefore, the cement industry, the choice of impact-hardening of the high manganese steel liner is inappropriate, should vigorously promote the chromium multi-alloy liner.

Shanghai joyal through nearly 100 large, medium and small cement mill liner tracking investigation confirmed that summed up a number of useful ball mill liner selection recommendations for your reference.

Large cement mill diameter of 3.5 ├Ś 5.0 meters, the grinding head material in the carbon low-alloy is appropriate, cylinder liner, high and low chromium multi-alloy cast iron can be used in low-alloy steel plate suitable for medium-sized cement mill, medium- Diameter of 2.4 to 3.5 meters above the grinding medium carbon suitable for low alloy steel, cylinder liner high and low chromium cast iron the best, the plate in the plate carbon alloy steel feasible.

Small cement ball mill diameter of 2.4 meters below the grinding head in the carbon alloy steel insurance, low chromium cast iron is also OK, the cylinder with high and low chromium cast iron no problem, life of 3 to 5 years, In the alloy steel is better, all the cement industry liner, including all parts of the warehouse are not suitable for non-metallic liner, the main reason for dry grinding, and high temperature.

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