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Shanghai Joyal High pressure mill applications in mineral processing field

Time: 2016-05-31

High Pressure Suspension Mill is a new energy-saving crushing equipment in cement industry to promote the application very quickly, but in the overall application of mineral processing field for the slow progress. In recent years, with the roll surface wear problems gradually be overcome and resolved, its application in the field of mineral processing has been expanding trend. In addition to an early start with a dissociation crushed diamond mines in terms of applications, the high pressure hanging roller mill is currently the most widely used in the field of processing of iron ore fine grinding equipment as iron ore pellets before and as ore crushing or ultra-fine crushing equipment.
Shanghai Joyal production of high pressure hanging roller mill can be made in addition to the energy saving effect, high pressure roller mill can get finer pulverized product in the larger roller spacing and the larger roll gap avoid crushing process can destroy large particles of high-value diamond. High pressure hanging roller mill processing ore in mineral dissociation crushed application has become a standard for the industry in the process.
Shanghai Joyal high pressure hanging roller mill to be ground when the material into the grinding chamber by the shovel blade into the grinding roller between RCC and grinding ring, RCC after the powder with the blower circulating air into the analysis machine, qualified powder-gas inflow whirlwind powder which is finished, particles tablets to regrinding. Circulating air blower to repeat the above process, more than the wind into the bag filter purification. When the grinding roller and grinding ring up to a certain wear and tear, high-pressure adjustment spring length, maintaining a constant pressure between the grinding roller and grinding ring. Thus ensuring a stable output and fineness.

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