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Slag vertical roller mill fully meet the production needs of steel slag

Time: 2016-04-26

Slag is a waste product produced by steel mills and slag processing after the vertical roller mill can be used for production of building materials, processing slag 200 mesh, you should choose the vertical roller mill equipment, both to ensure the powder fineness and production, now can be used in many industries, including various types of carbide slag, iron oxide, iron slag, slag cement through the mill device can be used as filler, filler construction, in the production process generally requires 200 mesh, so customers generally use vertical roll mill equipment.
Why vertical roller mill is very suitable for slag treatment? First we look at the problem of fineness, vertical roller mill can process material 30-1000 mesh between 200 mesh steel slag processing is no problem, another problem is due to the production and processing of slag fineness is not high even ten tons, powder production can reach several tons per hour, fully meet the production needs of steel slag.
Slag vertical roller mill is Zhuoya technical staff after several studies, slag can not solve the problem of re-application, industrial milling equipment to improve performance, it addresses the low yield, energy consumption and higher technical problems, absorbing foreign advanced industrial mill machine production experience, after years of painstaking research, developed a large slag vertical roller mill equipment.
Slag vertical roller mill with a reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced technological process, set drying, grinding, separator, upgrade in one, especially in the large grinding process to fully meet customer demand. The main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. The main structure is a vertical roller mill slag slag separator, part roller devices, pressure equipment, gear, motor housing, etc. If you need Slag vertical roller mill device, you can consult us!

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