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What is the relationship between the mill and spit slag material into the mill

Time: 2016-07-04

Mining machinery mill is an important member of many industry mill feed mill mainly machinery and equipment, milling machines brings great convenience for our production and life.Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional mining machinery manufacturer mill, ball mill, Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultrafine mill is the Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and other star products.

Mill as a large mining machinery in the long-term use will encounter some problems, the mill when a job is one of Scum mill common problem, a problem of scum mill jobs and milling machining materials about it, and how to solve the mill Scum problem? Mill Scum from mill processing materials analyzed mainly due to the following reasons:

1, large size material into the mill, mill flour mill material exceeds the limit, an increase in the grinding mill circulating load, causing instability in the mill the material layer, resulting in an increase in Scum.

2, there is reason may be due to the material itself and feeding time is not promptly cause excessive concentration of material into the mill, so that the mill circulating load increases, causing scum.

3, grindability poor material, such as rock hardness is relatively large or high water content of the material will cause the material in the mill is not easy to cause milling machine Scum.

Know flour mill Scum and related materials, we can take appropriate action.

1, to reduce the particle size material into the mill to increase mill production management, and timely feeding.

2, to reduce poor grindability of the material usage.

3, reducing the mill into the grinding material moisture, the bottom valve into the mill three plus a warm-air duct, hot air supplied by the hot air pipe into the ground at, thus reducing the bonding material in the wet at the three valve.

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