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Joyal Rotary Dryer Introduction

Time: 2017-07-31

Large machinery and equipment in such a hot summer work does need courage, however, the shanghai joyal machinery dryer machine is fearless, and the operation is always very stable in the cement, building materials and other fields in the material drying operations play a good effect.

Many of the processing plants said that their dryer equipment in the course of the operation prone to high temperature phenomenon, especially in the summer, parts are often high temperature, not only the impact on the quality of equipment, but also affect the material drying effect , Running a long time the dryer will have high energy consumption, high cost.

In view of this, many mining machinery and equipment manufacturers to strengthen the dryer equipment, technology upgrades, the structure was optimized, shanghai joyal dryer is one of the more typical representative. By visiting the shanghai joyal machinery experts, we understand that, compared to the same type of drying equipment on the market, shanghai joyal machine dryer has three major advantages:

First, high yield and efficient, stable operation. All parts have been optimized to improve the motor device design more advanced and reasonable, operating efficiency and production are relatively high, strong stability.

Second, adapt to the flexible, low cost. It is understood that shanghai joyal dryer even in 40 degrees above the open-air environment, long-term production, there will be no problems, adaptability is very flexible, while the equipment unit time energy consumption is relatively low, operating costs Low, to promote the mining machinery industry to reduce energy consumption has an important leading significance.

Third, excellent quality, reliable performance. shanghai joyal dryer all parts are made of high-end materials developed, wear resistance and corrosion resistance is very good, long life, and the operation and maintenance work easier, more reliable performance.

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