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What is iron ore separator?

Time: 2017-07-24

Iron ore is the most common ferrous metal, according to the different types of iron ore, divided into weak magnetic iron ore and ferromagnetic iron ore two kinds of iron ore is the most important mineral processing process, because iron ore iron Mineral particles and gangue mineral particles exist between the more obvious difference between the magnetic, and because of iron ore production, ore processing capacity has a higher demand, so the iron ore dressing is mainly achieved by magnetic separation.

Iron ore magnetic separator introduction

Iron ore magnetic separator is iron ore powder or other media in the iron component through the magnetic force selected a mechanical equipment. Iron ore magnetic separator is widely used in wood industry, mining, kiln and other factories in the recovery of resources. Iron ore magnetic separator for the size of 3mm below the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite and other materials, wet or dry magnetic separation, but also for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials in addition to Iron jobs. Iron magnetic separator magnetic system, the use of high-quality ferrite material or with rare earth magnet composite made before the average core magnetic induction of 800-4000mT. At present due to the development of technology, iron ore magnetic separator can be made stick-shaped, magnetic field strength is also increased to 8000mT. This is currently the highest measured magnetic field strength.

Iron ore separator selection

1, according to yield selection

The output is the most important factor to consider when each customer chooses the magnetic separator model. The output quantity directly determines the proportion of the investment benefit of the customer. The iron ore magnetic separator is generally used in the production of mineral processing. Therefore, when selecting the model, Look at the whole production line for the number of time and then, and then select the corresponding production of iron ore magnetic separator, so that the entire processing line can be smooth operation process, there will not be a shortage of equipment or material accumulation phenomenon.

2, according to raw material selection

Iron ore raw materials is also the customer to select the appropriate parameters to consider the focus of iron ore raw materials are generally hematite, magnetite, ilmenite and other diverse, iron ore is from these raw materials through the iron ore separator Out of different raw materials have different characteristics, so the equipment used is different, and some can be used wet picking, and some more suitable for dry magnetic separation, different types of magnetic separator to participate is not the same, so , Raw materials directly determine the choice of what iron ore separator parameters.

3, according to the investment cost choice

The cost of the customer’s investment determines the choice of a series of equipment, such as some small manufacturers, want to engage in mining production, but the cost is limited, so can only choose a small model of iron ore separator, the same manufacturer and the same quality equipment, Its model size and price is proportional to the large number of equipment relative to the miniaturization of some more expensive. Investment costs are limited, customers can only choose according to the price of their own equipment.

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