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small lime kiln

Time: 2017-07-17

Brief introduction of small lime kiln

The lime kiln is a limestone special calcination equipment which is composed of kiln body, feeding device, cloth device and fuel device. It has many advantages such as good quality, low consumption, large output, simple operation, small investment, high efficiency, Is one of the essential equipment for lime processing plants.

In recent years, the rapid development of lime market, its short cycle, quick, many investment friends are put into the lime processing plant, for small-scale manufacturers, the choice of a high-quality small lime kiln is one of the most important issues, then What are the specific advantages of small lime kiln? what is the price? Which manufacturer is better? The following for everyone to introduce.

Small lime kiln product advantages

1, the overall structure of advanced science design, can greatly enhance the preheating effect, thereby improving the calcination efficiency of at least 30% or more;

2, the core technology is more excellent, more selective use of materials, equipment quality is more secure, life can be extended 3 – 5 years or so, running more stable and reliable;

3, the kiln body temperature can be free to control, to ensure better calcination, finished stone quality is better, grade increased by 15% -25% or so;

4, a good seal design, coupled with excellent dust muffler equipment, dust, noise and other pollution can be completely reduced to a reasonable range;

5, easy installation, simple operation, on-site workers to reduce the requirements, saving labor, time and other capital costs nearly 40%.

Small lime kiln service

What about the small lime kiln service? Choose Joyal machinery, absolutely let you rest assured! Factory training has a number of specialized, quality, experienced after-sales staff, including technology, customer service, from all-round maintenance of customer interests, regardless of pre-sale, sale, or after sale, are able to fully protect the interests of customers, All the worries!

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