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The correct boot method of the magnetic separator

Time: 2017-07-10

There are many types of mining machinery and equipment, there are jaw crushers for ore crushing, impact crushers are fine grinding machines for milling of ore, ball mills and conveyors for ore transportation. Cleaning of sand washing machines, etc., these mining machinery and equipment in the ore processing operations have played a very important role. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here and we talk about the magnetic separator, magnetic separator is also an important member of the mine machinery and equipment.

The magnetic separator is used for rough selection, cleaning and selection of fine-grained magnetic ore. Can be effective on the manganese ore, hematite, false like hematite, mirror iron ore and other magnetic separation. Joyal remind the majority of users, the magnetic separator boot sequence affect the working efficiency and efficiency of the magnetic separator, the correct boot sequence can guarantee the quality of work, equipment, normal operation. Joyal here and we talk about the correct mode of magnetic separator is what way.

Users in the magnetic separator before the start, the first to the magnetic separator all the oil are twisted one by one, in the process need to check whether the oil jin oil phenomenon, if found to fill the oil in time to fill the ministries The bearing pad to get the right amount of lubricating oil, so as to avoid the occurrence of fuel tile accident. To check the situation of the magnetic separator belt, see the belt is not linked, the elastic is not appropriate, there is no deviation of the situation, if there is a damaged place to be timely repair

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