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Maintenance of magnetic separator

Time: 2017-07-03

Shanghai Joyal mining machinery should be designed for the majority of users specifically designed for magnetic separation process in the concentration of low concentration of pulp slurry to improve the concentration of the magnetic separator, this mining machinery and equipment is mainly used for grinding process in the high-frequency sieve screening screen The coarse-grained pulp enters the ball mill to improve the pulp concentration to improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill and reduce the production cost. At the same time, the fine-grained concentrator is used to improve the pulp concentration before the iron concentrate enters the filter operation, so as to improve the working efficiency and operation quality of the filter, which can effectively reduce the moisture content of the iron powder.

Joyal remind the majority of users of the magnetic separator as a professional mineral processing equipment, the use of if not properly maintained may wear more powerful, will lead to the aging of the equipment and the machine is not flexible. Regular maintenance of the magnetic separator can also reduce the number of machine maintenance, can greatly save the cost, but also improve the efficiency of the machine. Of course, the maintenance of magnetic separator can not do without the role of lubricants, how to use lubricants on the magnetic separator to do maintenance work?

Magnetic separator lubricants to avoid the use of inferior products, so as not to play the role of lubrication, but the machine caused harm. Magnetic separator for each part of the screw should always pay attention to check to avoid loosening of the phenomenon. Users also need to pay attention to the magnetic separator operating parts should always check and add butter or lubricants to lubricate, so you can reduce the magnetic separator parts wear.

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