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Causes of Wear of Ball Mill Liner Board and Improvement Measures

Time: 2017-06-26

Ball mill is widely used in the metallurgical, chemical, construction, mineral processing and other fields can be seen in the ball mill figure, the quality of the ball mill plays a decisive role in the important components for the liner, its main role is to prevent the cylinder Wear, and therefore one of the most easy to wear parts, the following by the Joyal machinery for you to explain the reasons for the liner wear and improvement measures.

First, the reasons for the wear of the ball mill liner

Liner on the ball mill has a very good protective effect, can reduce the frequency of cylinder friction, effectively avoid the material on the ball mill parts damage, then what causes the ball mill liner wear it?

First of all, the wrong installation method will lead to the lining of the force is not enough concentration, leading to fracture;

Second, the manufacturers in the manufacture of ball mill, the choice of liner material is relatively general, the use of a shorter time, impact resistance and wear resistance is poor, naturally lead to liner prone to wear problems.

Finally, the liner structure design is unreasonable, will lead to different parts of the uneven degree of wear and tear, different thickness, thin lining is easy to wear.
Second, the ball mill liner wear problems improvement measures

1, select a reasonable steel ball and liner. Ball mill liner and the hardness of the ball to be controlled within a reasonable range, the ball ball diameter set to be reasonable to prevent friction between the liner and the ball caused by wear and tear intensified.

2, liner material selection to be careful, we must use a relatively high wear resistance of the material, thereby improving the wear resistance of the liner.

3, the newly replaced ball mill liner, according to the nature of the choice of relatively low hardness of the ball, run 1 to 2 months after the increase in the hardness of the liner, the use of relatively high hardness of the ball, which can greatly improve Lining life.

4, strict installation of the quality of the ball mill liner, if the liner and the ball does not match, to swap the liner, after the completion of the installation, to ensure that the bolt tightening to ensure that the liner is running properly.

Ball mill liner has a crucial impact on its performance, in order to avoid the liner problems caused by the production of unnecessary impact, the processing plant must be early prevention, selection of high-quality ball mill equipment.

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