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Ball mill installation

Time: 2017-11-21

Ball mill is a mineral processing ore processing machinery and equipment more commonly used, ball mill grinding efficiency, is very popular with everyone a mineral milling machinery and equipment. Here Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about ball mill installation.

Ball mill is a large ore processing machinery and equipment, so Joyal reminded the majority of users should pay attention to the ball mill installation must be careful and safe. This is the key to ensuring normal operation later on.

Ball mill machine to be solid on the ground, so that during work, the law of equipment vibration led to the surrounding construction industry caused by resonance damage, and the ground should have a good foundation.

The correct installation steps of the ball mill, the two main bearing base plate elevation difference, should not exceed 0.25 mm per meter length, when installing the ball mill body tube, you should first put the whole line, and then install the remaining parts , And to carefully check the journal and ball mill center line whether the corresponding error is not more than 0.25 mm.

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