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3R Raymond mill and 4R Raymond mill big pk

Time: 2017-11-28

Raymond mill is dedicated to milling equipment for ore processing equipment, limestone, dolomite and calcite and other ore are used Raymond mill grinding, grinding mill ore production line Raymond Mill is very common , Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about one of the r series Raymond mill.

3R and 4R Raymond Mill is more common in the two series, many users will choose these two mill as a grinding equipment, so in the end is 3R good, or 4R good. Zhuo Ya belt analysis and comparison of these two milling equipment.

For the same model of equipment, 3R production than 4R production is higher. But in the face of high hardness, toughness of the material 4R when the 3R is better, the processing of these materials is relatively high hardness 4R more easily into powder.

In addition the 4R Raymond mill has one advantage is that when the Raymond mill in the grinding roller is broken need to be replaced, the 4R equipment can symmetrically remove two, the use of two rollers can still be normal production, which is 3R Raymond mill no specialty. 4R Raymond mill price is higher than the 3R, at the time of selection or according to the actual situation, choose the model for your own.

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