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Ore mill installation considerations (a)

Time: 2017-12-06

Ore pulverizer is an ore processing machinery and equipment that grinds ore and other materials into powder. The commonly used ore pulverizer includes Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill, fine mill mill and ball mill .

Ore pulverizer is a large ore processing machinery and equipment, so the process of installing the ore pulverizer must be cautious, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery as a professional ore processing machinery manufacturer, and here to talk about the installation of ore mill .

Ore mill equipment before installation to do some basic work, we will generally examine the actual situation of customers, according to local arrangements milling machine site, make a drawing for the customer for the pre-foundation construction.

Users also need to check the mill, the ore mill should be properly stored, the exposed surface to be coated with anti-rust grease, and avoid the sun and rain, to prevent body rusty water, to establish a maintenance system.

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