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Ore mill installation considerations (b)

Time: 2017-12-12

Ore mill we are familiar with, it is commonly used ore grinding processing machinery and equipment, commonly used ore mill equipment ball mill, Raymond mill and ultra-fine mill, vertical mill, etc. Mill processing equipment, ore mill installation is very important.

In the above, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery has been simple and everyone said that the installation of ore mill, where Joyalcontinue to add ore mill installation under the matter.

In the ore mill installation process needs to be equipped with 2 to 3 tons of lifting tools for milling machine installation and maintenance purposes. The installation of ore mill need to pay attention to some details.

Ore mill from the factory to the use of time more than 6 months were on the host center axis system, transmission, roller device, analysis of the oil tank should be cleaned and inspected, after cleaning and inspection should be sufficient to add all components of the lubricating oil.

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