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Joyal calcite high pressure powder mill

Time: 2017-12-19

Calcite is an important limestone species, is the main raw material for the production of heavy calcium. China has abundant calcite reserves, especially in Shandong and Northeast China. The fineness of calcite powder requires more than 200 mesh to 400 mesh, therefore, the general use of high-pressure micro-powder mill calcite processing to complete the production of heavy calcium powder. Calcite is used as a flux in the metallurgical industry and used in the construction industry to produce cement and lime. For plastic, paper, toothpaste. Food fill for additives.
Calcite powder can be used for chemical industry, cement and other industrial raw materials, can also be used in artificial stone, synthetic rubber, paint, plastic, cable, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass, medicine, paint, ink, insulation, food, Feed, adhesives, sealants, asphalt, building materials, fire ceilings and daily chemical products such as filling material.
If you need fineness of calcite milling, we generally use high-pressure micro-milling machine to grind grinding mill in the grinding chamber, the roller assembly by hanging on the roller shaft hanging hanger, roller hanger And the spindle and the blade holder fixedly connected, the pressure spring by the tension rod tightly pressed on the outer end of the cantilever roller bearing chamber, the cross arm shaft as a support point. Under the spring pressure, the roller and grinding ring are pressed tightly together. Pulverizer generally finished product size range of 325-2500 heads, the output is about 900-6000kg / h or so.
Shanghai Joyal Calcite high-pressure micro-powder mill is not only good quality, but also cost-effective, calcite high-pressure micro-milling powder in high efficiency and energy saving is not achieved by other milling machines, including wear parts mill life Longer, and safety performance is very high, calcite high pressure micro-milling machine processing range is very wide, calcite high pressure micro-milling machine in the grinding process will not have too much dust leaks, you can better Enterprises in the production and processing to create a good production environment.

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