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Comprehensive treatment of high pressure micro-grinding noise

Time: 2017-12-27

  • In the mine production line, noise is a thorny issue. Too much noise has a great harm to human body and mind. Noise reduction has become a problem that must be solved in production operations. Among them, high-pressure micro-grinding is one of the important noise sources in mine operation.
    1, a comprehensive approach to governance First, the hazards of noise and human contact with the time, so the workers should take shift work, in addition to the protective measures should be carried out on the workers, equipped with anti-sound earplugs, anti-sound cotton, helmets, etc. It is important to reduce working hours.
    2, the comprehensive treatment method two In the installation and installation of high-pressure micro-grinding, the overall layout should be done to install the active noise screen, so not only absorb the noise from the device, but also played a role in sound insulation to protect the maintenance staff. Another is to make the worker’s duty room soundproof room, install noise panels around it, can effectively reduce the noise damage.
    3, comprehensive management methods Third, for the high-pressure micro-grinding itself to do some effective measures to control noise, good repair and maintenance, if there is failure, the noise will increase, therefore, the daily maintenance of high-pressure micro-grinding is the most important.

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