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Ball mill steel ball wear problem

Time: 2018-09-07

Ball mill is a kind of ore grinding processing machinery commonly used in ore milling. The ball mill mainly grinds ore and other materials with steel balls. Therefore, for the ball mill, the steel ball is also more serious in the ball mill. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here and everyone talk about the improvement of the wear resistance of the ball mill ball, and how to reduce the wear of the ball mill ball.

The types of forged and rolled balls in the ball mill are mainly high carbon chromium molybdenum alloys and medium and low carbon manganese alloys. The process of forging ball and rolling ball is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, and the economic benefit is considered. The wet process of mine type generally adopts low-chromium alloy grinding ball, and its wear in iron ore, copper ore and molybdenum ore is generally about 500-700 grams. Increasing the hardness of low chromium alloy balls is the most effective way to reduce wear. We have increased the hardness of low-chromium balls to about HRC55, and its wear in copper mines is around 550 grams. Due to the production process, the quality of the forged ball should be slightly better than the rolling ball.

However, when the diameter is greater than 110mm,Joyal recommends the use of high carbon chromium molybdenum low alloy forged balls, mainly considering that the crushing rate of large diameter cast balls may be higher. The carbon content of the forged ball is generally around 1% and the chromium is less than 2%. The hardness of low-chromium cast balls should generally be around HRc48. The hardness of low-chromium cast iron balls should be increased as much as possible to improve economic efficiency.

Joyal reminds everyone that under the premise of the choice of ball mill steel ball material, the grading of the grinding ball is very important. The ideal grinding ball grading plus the ideal lining surface shape allows the mill to achieve maximum efficiency. The correct choice of material is the fundamental guarantee for the ideal grinding ball grading, the ideal lining surface shape to maintain the best state for a long time.

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