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How to improve the purity of ore mill

Time: 2018-09-19

Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill, vertical mill and micro-grinding mill are all common mechanical equipment used in ore milling. These ore mills can be widely used in industrial and metallurgical industries. As well as the chemical industry and other industries, it is a very important ore grinding processing equipment. The society is constantly developing, and the purity of the finished powder of the mill processing materials in various industries is also getting higher and higher, and it is required that the powder to be ground cannot be doped with other impurities.

How to improve the processing purity of the whole ore mill has become the primary task of the ore mill. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here and everyone talk about how to improve the grinding purity of the ore mill. In the process of mineral resources formation, there will be impurities in the process. Minerals without impurities are not present, such as customers using milling powder. When the machine is grinding coal, some impurities such as iron ore or clay directly affect the purity of the material, so it is necessary to separate other impurities in the magnetic separator beforehand.

There is also some sand impurities in the process of processing the ore. In this case, the user can use a magnetic separator to separate the sand and the ore with large magnetic properties. The magnetic separator can also carry some ore with low grade. Sorting and improving the quality of grinding can all be in the scope of mineral processing. Therefore, it is very important to improve the purity of finished powder in the milling process.

Joyal reminds everyone to improve the utilization value of mineral resources. Only the combination of ore mill and magnetic separator is the most important. Some materials need to be awakened before the material is fed. Some materials need to be ground. After sorting, the sequence and process of this operation are very important because it directly affects the purity of the finished powder.

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