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Precautions for the shutdown of the ore mill

Time: 2018-09-27

Limestone, calcite, dolomite, garnet, etc. are commonly used ore resources. These ores can be used in industries such as industry, metallurgical industry and chemical industry after being processed by ore crusher, ore mill and other ore processing machinery. The correct operation of the ore mill is critical. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment, talks about the shutdown of the ore mill.

Before the ore milling machine, we have to carefully check whether there is any damage between the ore mill equipment, in the high machine and the auxiliary control device in place, and then they will assist the tube road, where each nozzle is used The sealed liquid is sealed to ensure the sealing of the pipeline. At the same time as each machine and pipeline, it has the function of a grounding conductor to avoid static electricity caused by dust explosion.

Each ore mill equipment needs to be subjected to a single test run, and a metal object inspection machine must be in place to eliminate it one by one. Look at the bolting on the equipment, the tightness of the belt, and the reliability of the shield. It is necessary to sequentially start the stability of the ore mill motor, close to the beginning of the gate, rolling mill, filter, classification device screw feeder, air locker, open the door. Wait five minutes, run at no load, then the operator should carefully observe the control cabinet of various instruments, the current is stable at no load.

Then, the user needs to stop the grinder, vacuum cleaner, classifier, and air locker after running for five minutes. The classifier can change the grading conversion speed while adjusting the product quality, such as the fineness of the granularity, as well as speeding up the product requirements and reducing the speed.

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