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Consumables of Raymond Mill

Time: 2019-01-04

Raymond Mill is a common milling equipment that can process a variety of materials with a fineness of 30-325 mesh. It is mainly used in mining, chemical, construction, metallurgy, water conservancy and hydropower industries, and can process chemical raw materials and refractory materials. , activated carbon, glass, Raymond mill is a mechanical equipment for grinding ore, which will cause wear and tear of Raymond mill during long-term use. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is here to talk about Raymond. Wearing parts of the mill.

In the Raymond mill, since the Raymond mill works by squeezing the material into powder by the grinding roller and the grinding ring, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are the most vulnerable parts. However, the Raymond mill can process materials with different hardness and characteristics, so the service life of the grinding roller and the grinding ring is also different.

In fact, in the actual production, there are many kinds of raw materials for making the grinding roller and the grinding ring. According to the ore which grinds different characteristics, the grinding roller and the grinding ring made of the corresponding raw materials can be selected. Generally, the high manganese material is selected. This greatly reduces the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring.

Grinding rolls and grinding rings are the more important parts of Raymond mill parts, so be sure to pay attention to the material when selecting the grinding ring. It is hoped that the user should pay attention to the wear degree of the grinding roller in the actual production, because the longer the life of the wearing parts is very important for the entire Raymond mill.

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