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why the ultra-fine mill does not produce powder?

Time: 2018-12-27

The ultra-fine mill is a mechanical equipment often used in ore fine grinding. The ultra-fine mill can be used for the grinding of ore such as limestone, dolomite and calcite. It is very possessive in ore milling operations. Important position. Ultra-fine mills may have some problems in the process of grinding ore. Among them, the ultra-fine mill is not a powder. It is a common point. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery and everyone talk about the reasons.

The ultra-fine mill suddenly does not produce powder. The user needs to pay attention to whether it is the material of the ultra-fine mill. In the process of production of the ultra-fine mill, the lower vertebral body of the cyclone is also called Unexpectedly, these questions are mainly caused by wet materials, or slightly hot and sticky materials. Long-term unloading will accumulate in the lower part of the cyclone separator. This kind of scene is very simple to ignore, as long as it is beaten, the hoarding can be solved. materials.

The ultra-fine mill’s conditioning analyzes the speed of the machine and the air volume of the fan. The larger the air volume, the thicker the powder will be. The smaller the air volume, the finer the powder will be, and the speed of the profiler and the most The position of the good air volume is different according to the materials, and the material fineness is not the same. When the fineness of a powder is adjusted, the best fixed speed is: the fineness of the satisfaction together, the maximum air volume is opened, so The ability to ensure that the powder produced by the ultra-fine mill reaches the maximum output, and thus invents greater value for the user.

The ultra-fine mill can not check whether the main air duct of the ultra-fine mill is blocked, or the phenomenon of air leakage, and the cyclone feeder is not tightly sealed, and there is a suction phenomenon, which will also affect The reason for the problem of the discharge of the ultra-fine mill.

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